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A Tribute to Mandy

Hey everyone. Just wanted to say thank you for pushing Mandy Alfrey's show to Number 23 in the global metal charts. Lets push this and the following tribute even higher in her memory! 14 April , 19 April , and Loretta's Playlist for Mandy

Click on both links for 3 hours per show of Mandy's tunes and lets get the shows up the charts!

We also raided Mandy Alfrey's Spotify account to create a playlist of some of her favourite tracks. Its a total melting pot of genres from Blues to Metal with around 300 tracks set to play randomly! . It has been scheduled to play out weekly on Wednesday 3 pm-5 pm (UK Time) and Sunday Midnight to 2 am (UK time) Most significantly the Sunday time slot was Mandy's usual spot.

We are planning to replay some recordings from Mandy's shows in the coming weeks.


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