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Molly Karloff Need Your Help for Breaking Out

So, after being stopped in their tracks by the COVID lockdown, and their tour getting cancelled (all tickets were refunded), they are about to record their debut album, Breaking Out to follow the first two, critically acclaimed EPs, Dancing for Money and Supernaturalation. Molly Karloff ended up being out of pocket by thousands (you don't get back the money spent on marketing). They are recording 13 tracks in the studio, and 10 of which will make it onto the album (all killer, no filler). They have also teamed up with legendary, Grammy award winning producer, Mike Exeter (Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Massive Wagons, Those Damn Crows, Cradle of Filth...) who will make sure that this album will blow your sonic socks off! The Molly Karloff sound is there, with all the energy and punch that fans have experienced from their live shows, which will deliver a 'no holds barred' belter of a debut album we know you'll love!

All of that studio time costs money, and they need some financial help to finish the recording, mixing and mastering of the album itself, along with paying for the PR and marketing that will follow for the album's release and the supporting tour..

You can help by donating to Kickstarter

All the following rewards get your name on their wall of fame (excluding Pledge Without Reward)

  • Pledge Without Reward - donate anything you like

  • £10 or More - they'll send you their previous 2 EPS

  • £30 or more - A signed copy of the album Breaking Out on CD

  • £50 or more a signed copy of the album, a thank you poster signed by the band and a limited edition T-shirt

  • £100 Same as the previous reward plus the album on Vinyl

  • £500 - same as the previous reward plus the vyinyl album will signed and framed, you also get a limited edition Hoodie and also you and 3 friends will get tickets to any show of your choice plus you get to hang out with the band before and after the show.


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