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Happy New Year !

We want to wish everybody an amazing 2022 !!!!

Since starting in June 2021 we have had an amazing first 6 months here on Moshville.

We are overwelmed with how many new friends / listeners we have gained in such a short time and we wanted to say thanks so much for all the support you have given us!

We have a whole bunch of new presenters coming on board in 2022 and some old presenters rejoining! We cant wait!

Maz, Sandra K, Dan, Harvey, Davie, Sean & Mick will be joining the exsisting team of

Lee, Mark, Rick, Ricky, Cyderbaby, UK Thrashers, Bracken, Dancingman, Mandy, Lavish, Brandon, Tim & Haydon

There will be some slight reshuffling of the scedules to allow for the new shows so keep an eye on that,

Don't forget you can listen back to any of our shows on Mixcloud. Give us a like on there and Facebook & Twitter - It all helps us build the followings!

Peace out and much love


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