MVR Team 



US Presenter

Mandy's Eclectic Mix Of Music
Always in our hearts x

Mandy is music obsessed and loves all genres. Mandy being from Texas loves Clutch and they were one of the first concerts she ever went to. She loves the Flaming Lips, The Pixies, Velvet underground and Nico. She is also obsessed with 90’s alternative grunge and is looking forward to getting into the underground scene and sharing bands from the Wichita area and beyond.



US Presenter

Friday 6pm - 8pm
Saturday 12am -

Hailing from the US Midwest, our resident high school teacher and punk musician Ian brings 30+ years of experience in the music industry to the Moshville team. Having been a professional musician and music junkie almost his entire life, Ian has a massive collection of tunes that he goes out of his way to share with people, so what better way to do so than give him his own show, aptly called “Ian’s Hard Drive”!



UK Presenter

Indie, Rock, Metal, Punk
Mon to Fri 6.30 am - 9 am

Dave Cyderbaby has had a love for all things Rock N Metal since an early age.  He has his own website where he reviews & interviews bands. 'Although a fan of all genres, I am trying to highlight Nwocr and grassroot bands alongside more established acts to get the exposure these bands deserve' He is also helped by his son Oren, who actually acts as producer and photographer for Cyderbaby.

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Dan P

UK Presenter & Station Controller

Horrorpunk, Deathrock, Psychobilly
Mon 8pm - 9pm

Dan has now been DEMOTED to a Station Controller. Quite what he did to deserve this punishment, we don't know? He's now in charge of 'Playlists' so it's all his fault if the music is terrible! 

Well done for taking on the challenge Dan!



UK Presenter

Indie & Old School Punk
Sat 8pm - 10pm

Tim is a light weight Fosters drinker. When it comes to music he's much the same. Low octane and a bit flat. But hey give him a chance! A reasonable mix of soft indie and terrible old school punk might be just what you need on a Saturday night!



Station Controller & UK Presenter

Heavy Rock & Metal
Tues 8pm - 11pm

Shells has worked in the music world as a photographer since 2017 and started with Moshville Times in 2019. He's been all over the UK and Europe and  met some great people along the way. Lockdown forced a rethink  leading to the idea for Metals Still Out There & Moshville Radio.



Artwork & UK Presenter

Heavy Rock & Metal
Wed 5pm - 7pm

Bracken AKA "Parrot" is a Music photographer and Media Manager for Metals Still Out There, He is also a Content creator and radio presenter here at Moshville Radio. He's passionate about heavy rock and true metal head!

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UK Presenter

Wed 7pm - 8pm

Whether it’s sparkly guitar riffs or a soaring chorus, Harvey specialises in everything Indie. Tune into a sonic exploration of indie and alternative bands old and new, from Cocteau Twins to Inhaler, you can always expect the unexpected from Harvey.



UK Presenter

Heavy Rock & Metal
Sat 10pm - 12am

Haydon is new on the scene, but is ready to get out there and make a name for himself. He has a love for all things heavy & he’ll be writing reviews plus presenting shows on all things vile, grimy and downright disgusting - music wise!



Station Controller & UK Presenter

Indie & Classic Rock
Wed 8pm - 10pm

Lee has been DJing for 30 years, starting out at 16 years old. He now produces his own remixes and reworks of classic tracks. A fully qualified sound engineer, he can often be found working front of house sound for live music events or in the studio mixing and editing audio. Lee is the technical brains behind Moshville Radio



Editor & UK Presenter

Dark Metal
Thurs 8pm - 11pm

Interviewer/reviewer of music and bands from all genres of the metal spectrum for Moshville Times and Metal’s Still Out There. As Trevor Peres of Obituary once said, "Anything to do with death, dying or being chopped in half, then he's into it!



UK Presenter

Indie, Punk & Metal
Fri 8pm - 10pm

Leon AKA 'Dancingman' has been putting on gigs around Oxford for nearly 9 years. For the last 3 years, on and off, he has been bringing various touring bands to Oxford.

He also helps out massivley with Moshville Radio's social media.

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UK Presenter

Rock & Prog Rock 
Sat 6pm - 8pm

Thommo has been around the music world for about 50 years and still learning about it.

He amassed around 3000 albums at one time devoted to Rock and Prog.

Thommo likes all kinds of rock so prepare for a mish mash on mosh!   

Living on a house boat means this will literally be coming to you from the boat that rocks!

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Jack T

UK Presenter

Fri 10pm - Midnight

Jack has just turned 18 and has a background in sound engineering. He has a collection of 15 guitars/ keyboards etc. and a love for anything from Melodic Metalcore to Technical Death Metal.



UK Presenter

Thrash, Death & Doom Metal
Sun 8pm - 10pm

Branny's  UK Thrashers show is for the love of thrash, and UK thrash particularly. We write news, reviews, reports on live shows, record radio show with great guests and support bands from their first steps through to playing on the world stage.



US Presenter

Heavy Rock & Metal
Currently not broadcasting

Sean has plenty of experience as a writer.  but usually in an academic setting. He is no stranger to digging for details and researching his subjects thoroughly. Combining his academic discipline with his passion for metal and all things that do not suck to bring you some detailed and expressive reviews from some of the greatest metal bands in the world whether you know about them yet or not.



US Presenter

Heavy Rock & Metal

Mick is the frontman of the band 'Burial At Sea' and an actor. Has been involved in the heavy metal scene for the better part of 20 years. He currently has one album record under his belt and in the processing of finishing a follow up. Mick is also the co host of podcast The Red Rabbit.


Sandra K

UK Presenter

Black & Dark Metal
Sunday 10pm - 11pm

Sandra has been influenced by music for most of her life... So its only fitting that she share her love of Black Metal with you...

Bringing classics as well as new bands and songs as they come.

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US Producer

The Greatful Dead (Yeah just that)
Not Currently Broadcasting

Lavish is a producer on the Unhinged Ginge show. He is also an avid vinyl collector who enjoys all kinds of music, especially The Grateful Dead. 

He also plays guitar and records music.