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Rabidfest 2021 - Day 1

I probably should have taken notes or something throughout the day but here goes. As well as quite an interesting mix of Rock and Metal bands Rabid Fest has also raised money for local mental health charity Restore. In association with Two Face Promotions and sponsored by Devolution Magazine.

In a slight change to some listings, Sleeper 404 previously cancelled so slightly last minute Jokers Parade were the first band of the day. Still crazy makeup, still a duo but they now have a different drummer. Jake who also plays drums in Crimson Tusk. For a first gig together still sounded good.

Weaponry all the way from Reading. They are so metal the vocalist was climbing up and down on step ladders. I believe he said he also became a father recently so congratulations to him.

Arimea (pronounced Ari Maya). Embarrassingly I've been so out of the loop I had never heard of them before a few months ago when LestWeForget were recommending them for their hometown show Dancingman Promotions was putting on. Even with vocalist

Whitney apparently suffering from a cold, I couldn't tell and both gigs have sounded incredibly well that I hope to see them play many more.

K-Lacura any band would have to follow Arimea but they managed to pull it off. I've known these guys for about a decade and got to strum the bass.

Siderian from Northampton. Heavy Riffs and vicious vocals. As Ricky of Moshville Times always says it takes a skill to scream with heavy vocals down a mic. These guys can pull it off.

Promethean Reign I'm sure I know the drummer from somewhere.

The Hope Burden another band I've known a while. A couple of years ago they started out as a purely instrumental band and then eventually Josh from Empire Divided joined them. Josh's deep vocals really fit the ambient tones. Always enjoy listening to them at Dancingman Promotions shows and will hopefully see them at many more. Fun fact the drummer Phil Platt once directed a music video for a band called Phantom Theory in which I was eaten by zombies. You can watch it Here.

Blood Oath not sure where they are from but they have interesting outfits. They put a lot of effort in and are covered in blood and sweat.

Red Rum from Nottinghamshire. Wow how have I never heard of these guys before. Great Pirate Metal band with songs about rum, booty, and various other pirate things as well as covers of a couple of non pirate related songs Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle) and THEY"RE TAKING THE HOBBITS TO ISENGARD. I loved this band so much I bought a t-shirt and look forward to hearing their new album which will be released sometime next year.

Divine Chaos had to rush through their set slightly but still sounded good and will hopefully be back next year.

Diamond Head Before Rabidfest my knowledge didn't really extend much beyond they released their big hit Am I Evil? 3 years before I was born and apparently inspired Lars Ulrich to form Metallica. Still managed to enjoy their set.

Overall its been a fun and exhausting Saturday and continues on Sunday. Online tickets are closed but there might still be tickets on the door if you get there early. In another change to some listings Osiah have called in sick so the headline act is now Exist Immortal see you there at 16:45 with Odysseus.


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